StakTask in Domino’s Pizza

Chad, a Multi-unit Domino’s Pizza Franchisee, was looking for solutions to better manage his staff and daily task lists within his operations. Originally used paper task lists, Chad has seen immediate value in replacing paper lists with StakTask. Chad brought his paper task lists into StakTask platform which will make sure that his staff completes all[…]

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StakTask – Winner of InnovationACT Award

Photo by InnovationACT StakOne’s StakTask has been named one of the winner in InnovationACT grant funding. The award was presented on 22nd of October by InnovationACT, Canberra’s largest innovation program, providing the necessary skills, tools and networks to those looking to begin their entrepreneurial journey. A total of 51 teams participated in InnovationACT program and[…]

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Microsoft BizSpark + StakOne

Great products start with an understanding of the end user. They can benefit people in many ways.  A great design is easy to use, and can solve real problems which provides satisfaction. At StakOne, we make products simple on the outside and powerful on the inside. We use a bottom-up approach in our product development and start with the customer, rather than starting[…]

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