StakTask – New Look, New Design

Efficiency at your fingertips with new StakTask.

We have been hard at work from last two months. Today, we are very excited to announce the launch of our new StakTask iPhone app.unnamed

What’s new with StakTask?

  • New look, new design makes it much easier to navigate through the app
  • See Incomplete and Completed tasks of your shop
  • Complete a task by sliding the task from left to right
  • Comment on a task by sliding a task from right to left
  • See overall progress of your shop
  • Sign Up page allows new users to request StakTask account
  • Retrieve your password in case you forgot it
  • Account page allows you to check if your account details are up to date

Hey there! My name is Raj Mann and I'm the founder of StakOne. I love innovation and building amazing products. StakOne is an opportunity for me to turn this world into a better place.