StakTask: World’s First Workplace Game


Workplace productivity challenge
Increasing a workplace’s productivity has always been a battle for a lot of business owners. It is a never ending quest to find possible solutions that could help them become more efficient. Business owners have tried a lot of options yet have failed to figure out the best one for their needs.

Technology in workplaces
When the technology improved, a lot of things were created. The internet, for one, is a by-product of improved technology. By using the internet, experts were able to produce things which have solved a lot of concerns in different industries, most especially in the business arena. When smart phones and laptop computers came into the picture, different kinds of software applications have been made for by business owners to monitor their businesses. Their inventory, profit, and even the compensation of employees have been greatly monitored through time. However, there has not been an application to monitor the productivity of every employee, yet they basically contribute to the success of every workplace.

Solution – StakTask, world’s first workplace game
The good news is that a solution, world’s first workplace game, has been introduced by StakOne—a company devoted to help workplaces acquire practical solutions to their problems. Seeing the great need of any workplace to be productive, StakTask was created to help workplaces deal with their  efficiency issues. Using StakTask, business owners can ensure their employees accomplish all the tasks that must be done right away. There is no need for a business owner to provide instructions to their employees. With StakTask, employees will know their respective roles by simply browsing through the application found in the tablet provided in their workplace.

Gamification in StakTask
With the gamification in StakTask, employees are more motivated to finish tasks without feeling bored. Work can then be fun and exciting for these employees. For business owners, using StakTask will help them increase the commitment level of their employees since these people do not feel the burden of working stuff in the workplace with the kind of games that are included in the StakTask application. Not only are they having fun, they are also becoming more productive and efficient! StakTask doesn’t only give your staff a fun and exciting way of finishing their tasks, but it also gives you the opportunity to  monitor the performance of your employees. The more your employees enjoy doing certain tasks, the more they are motivated to accomplish more things in the process. This then leaves you the satisfaction that your business is doing well.

StakTask, future of productive and efficient workplaces
There is always a better way to become productive in your workplace than just providing instructions to your employees. With StakTask, you are not only providing your employees an easier way of doing tasks but an interesting form of increasing efficiency in the workplace. So what are you waiting for? Get involved and be a part of StakTask—the first workplace game.


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