Let StakTask help you take a break from work

Taking a vacation but worried that the wheels will fall off your business while your away? This is a legitimate concern for many small businesses owners when they (or their key managers) decide to take leave.

Will staff be performing as they are expected to? And how can you monitor this? These thoughts can play on your mind and spoil what should be a much-needed break. The only thing worse is returning to realise that all your nightmares have in fact come true.

Recently one of our valued customers went on a holiday, and upon returning sent us some welcomed feedback about how StakTask made it easier for him to unwind while away.

Their staff had direction

By setting up what tasks were expected to be completed by staff during their shifts, StakTask provided clear and time based direction at every moment while the owner was away. This meant that staff did not need to call the owner with any questions relating to task expectations.

They knew exactly where their store progress was

Once a member of staff completed a task it would be checked off and made available for the store-owner to view. If the owner wanted to check in on the store at any time they did not need to call, they could simply open up StakTask on their computer or phone and monitor progress.

If there was an issue while away, the owner would be notified and could be confident that they were taking the appropriate action to remedy a problem situation.

When they returned the store was running smoothly

Once the owner returned they commented on how StakTask contributed to how well the store was running, making it easier for them to return to work.

StakTask ensures your staff are performing at their best – giving them guidelines and expectations to make certain your targets are met. Staktask makes it possible to maintain high standards of staff performance whether you’re present in store not.


Chief Marketing Officer at StakOne Pty. Ltd.

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