StakOne Changes Name of iTask Application to ‘StakTask’

We are proud to announce to all our valued customers and stakeholders that we are changing our interim product name from iTask to StakTask to create a stronger brand with StakOne.

StakOne is entering into an exciting phase of product trials, which will soon extend beyond 8 stores in the ACT. This new identity satisfies all of the existing expectations our original mark stands for and simultaneously moves the brand forward to better acknowledge the organisation which developed it.

StakOne as an organisation stands for products that are developed with a bottom-up approach, a company which stresses its focus on thorough market research in its product development. This is what we want to communicate to future customers and stakeholders in order to strengthen our brand awareness and communicate our product values going forward.

StakOne has retained similarities in logo design to make this transition in name simple for those who already recognise the product.

For those companies who are currently undergoing trials or contracts:

  • Your current license will remain in effect as it was.
  • All features will remain unchanged after updating your product to StakTask.

May we take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support. We look forward to continually providing you with improved workplace conditions with this new branding.

Yours Sincerely,
Patrick Morgan

Chief Marketing Officer


Chief Marketing Officer at StakOne Pty. Ltd.

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