StakOne Launches iTask on 13th January 2016

StakOne’s key product, iTask, was launched today, 13th January 2016. iTask will initially undergo a phase of testing at two Subway® restaurants (Phillip and Weston Creek) in Canberra.

Store feedback will be collected and analysed throughout this period, enabling StakOne to continually improve workplace functionality with our future products.

“After a journey of 10 months of work, today, It is my pleasure to announce that StakOne begins initial trials of iTask in the Australian Market to help employers manage their staff.“ – Raj Mann, CEO of StakOne Pty. Ltd.


StakOne will keep the Newsroom up to date with all in-store iTask progress and will continue to reflect on all the feedback and results in the Solution Centre.


Yanny is a fourth-year student, studying a combined degree of Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Commerce at the Australian National University (ANU). She has been a supervisor in a Subway restaurant in the ACT for more than three years. Yanny has joined StakOne as a Marketing intern.

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