How You Can Strengthen Workplace Communication Channels With iTask

Existing communication channels don’t always suit

In the workplace there are only a few communication channels available for staff to utilise, these include: personal contact, email and in some instances by phone. The issue with these forms of communication is that they are not purpose built for task management and not always suitable in many workplaces.

If an employee is unsure about what or when tasks need to be completed there can be issues when the manager is busy or off site. A task can be left incomplete when there is a extensive list that must be committed to memory – especially when some tasks are not required every day of the week.

iTask can strengthen your communication

iTask is a purpose built task manager that creates an extra communication channel for staff and managers. Not only does iTask act as a self contained list by providing an accurate reference for required daily tasks, it also acts as a device that will strengthen the pre-existing communication channels available.

If a manager were to tell a staff member on Wednesday, “remember to only restock the fridge after 5pm on Friday” the staff member would have an extra reference point for support if their workplace used iTask. When that instruction arises, there will be no need for the employee to contact the manager to confirm the instruction they have committed to memory, instead they can refer to iTask.

Embracing future methods

It is common in the hospitality industry to disallow staff from using personal phones, a sensible rule to make when managing a group of employees, especially the younger generations. This channel is more or less obsolete in these types of workplaces for this reason. However, the technology that powers our phones these days is far from obsolete and especially to the younger employees. By utilising tablet technology, iTask provides a relevant tool for employees, one that they are comfortable and familiar with, as well as one that is more engaging to work with.

Backed by research and designed to help

iTask is supported by extensive market research and was methodically designed to act as a supporting channel that will enhance existing forms of communication in the workplace. It will give staff more confidence to carry out their duties and alleviate pressure on managers, allowing them to focus on other duties without worrying about the direction and task completion of their employees without constant supervision.



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