The Logical Way To Assign Tasks

More problems with the workplace list

We have discussed in the previous entry the shortcomings of the physical work place list. However, the advantages of the digital and interactive style of list, which iTask presents goes beyond those considerations.

When staff have a single list for everyone to complete there may be disagreements about who needs to perform each task. This is problematic for employee satisfaction and overall job completion.   Where there is the need to assign tasks individually this can be a complicated, time consuming duty for managers.

Communicate to staff like never before

iTask will give managers the ability to assign employees into groups, to create tailored task lists for each day of the week which comply with your workplace requirements, and then assign those tasks according to staff groups. This increases the ability to manage staff by improving both the organisation and communication to employees about what they are required to complete.  It also saves managers time when creating these lists.

iTask will additionally give your managers the ability to stay up to date with workplace task completion. Even when the manager is away, they will be able to connect remotely to iTask. This will give them the ability to stay on top of what their staff are up to, and be notified of any issues that may arise.

The advantages of clear communication with tailored task lists will see a reduction in employee conflict, an improvement in morale, and with that, a more productive and healthier working environment.



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