Payroll Management – Time For a Change

Problems with payroll management

Practices in payroll management present a few key problems for the workplace.


Firstly, managing payrolls is a time consuming task. It’s no secret that more time spent on a job means more cost to a business, as appropriate compensation will be awarded for the extra hours invested. It is an ironic truth then, that the process to pay your staff is actually costing you more money than it has to.

Secondly, payroll management consumes more resources than necessary. In an age where everything is becoming digitised, we are still using worn-out methods to process staff payment.   More paper, more pens and more storage means that there is room for dramatic improvement in how we approach payroll management to more efficiently use resources.

Inaccuracies and record keeping

All this paper, filled with manual records requires managers to keep track and confirm times and duties. Staff or managers can misrepresent timesheets. In my experience as an employee I have seen all situations take place, staff forging incorrect times to give themselves extra hours, managers telling staff to fill in incorrect times in order to avoid over time rates as well as grant staff extra pay by abusing over time rates.

If inaccuracies do emerge and need attention the process to dig up time sheets and verify records that are known to be not necessarily 100% accurate gives cause for staff, managers and owners to be concerned with the process and outcome of how they are being paid.

Manager absenteeism

The time it takes to process timesheets leads to two negative outcomes in relation to the on-duty managers presence. Number one, managers will not be present to supervise and carry out their other expected duties. Secondly if absenteeism is recognised and compensated for by rostering on another manager then that is a further cost to the business.

iTask and the future direction of payroll management

iTask provides businesses with a much needed advancement in the way we approach payroll management. iTask digitises records of staff activity including the time staff commence work and finish work, what jobs they have completed and any other applicable information.

This means that the system to record and manage payroll information will be simplified. Timesheets will be instantly recorded into the iTask system, reducing the amount of time and effort needed to process them.

Staff and managers will not be able to abuse the records with inaccurate times as iTask will act as an objective measure of what work was done, when and by whom.

Finally this will allow managers to be more present with their other roles and eliminate the need to roster on another staff member to compensate for this time consuming task.


Chief Marketing Officer at StakOne Pty. Ltd.

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