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Automated staff – the good and the bad

In my experience working in the hospitality sector, employees tend to become accustomed to what tasks are fundamental for the business to operate.  For the most part this is a good thing.  However, given that business operations involve a multitude of tasks that need to be carried out to maintain standards, priorities can change.  This is when an employees automated response will be costly to the business.  How? Let me explain with an example:

I spent a year working in the cellar of a large community club in the ACT.  My main responsibility was restocking food and beverages.  This duty took up the majority of my shift and quite a bit of physical labour.  There were other responsibilities involved with this position, one of them was cleaning the stock room.  The issue with the managerial system in place was that the stock room only had to be cleaned once a month and by the time we had finished our primary role of restocking we rarely had enough time and energy to complete the stock room clean out with as much attention and effort that it needed.  What this created was a more hazardous space for both the staff and the customers, with health and safety standards being compromised.

This problem of staff seeing low priority tasks as stagnant can present many problems depending on the task being ignored.

iTask – a simple solution

StakOne’s iTask app will solve this common problem through its advanced capacity to organize and prioritise dynamic tasks in the workplace.  Managers will now have the ability to track all tasks that need attention and address the priority of each.  This can be achieved with an appropriate schedule contained in the app.  Even better though, managers will now have the ability to change these schedules as the priorities inevitably change.

In the cellar this would have meant that direction for task priority was a lot clearer.  If I had come in to work, ready to re-stock the venue as I had become accustomed to but logged in to iTask, I may have seen that cleaning the stock rooms was the critical task of the day and therefore prioritised it over what I would have incorrectly assumed was my main duty.

Flexibility, clarity and raised work place standards

This has beneficial effects for both the managers and employees.

From a managers point of view they can easily track the history of task completion.  They will know what tasks have been done, when they have been, by whom, how much time was spent on each task and whether it was fully completed or not.  This will give the managers a much more complete sense of their work place allowing them to set and monitor tasks appropriately.

For employees, having the iTask system will increase the clarity of what jobs need to be done and in what order.  Featuring a simple list format that can be ticked off as tasks are completed, employees will enjoy their new clear direction.  This will lead to a more efficient work place with higher standards of task completion despite what an employees preconceptions of their work day will be like.

StakOne’s iTask enables managers to stay flexible yet clear with task delegation and the way they are communicated, leading to increased rates of efficiency and higher standards of job completion.





Chief Marketing Officer at StakOne Pty. Ltd.

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