Patrick Morgan, Marketing Communications Manager

StakOne hires Patrick Morgan as Marketing Communications Manager

Today StakOne has announced that Patrick Morgan will be taking over the role of Marketing and Communication Manager.
Patrick is nearing the end of his Bachelor of Communications in Advertising degree at the University of Canberra, a course that is accredited by the International Advertising Association and the Media Federation of Australia.

Patrick has 4 years experience in event management and event promotion in the music industry in Canberra and Sydney.

Patrick has a passion for creative solutions and adaptive thinking.  He prides himself on presenting unique, innovative and improved concepts, aiming to benefit people directly and indirectly.  A big part of achieving this aim is choosing to work with the right business.   That is why he is very excited to have this role representing StakOne.  A company with a vision to improve work place conditions, improve rates of efficiency and raise work place standards.  This opportunity will enable him to positively affect many businesses and the customers who frequent them, making positive change to people’s lives.

Patrick will be regularly making blog entries while he is at StakOne focusing on the problems that are negatively impacting on how businesses operate and how our products resolve these problems.  He will also be working very closely with the fantastic team behind StakOne in order to help them communicate their vision to you.

For any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.



Chief Marketing Officer at StakOne Pty. Ltd.

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