Easy employee task tracking and management - StakOne

Easy task tracking for hospitality

Automate operations & spend time on things that matter

Powerful tool to manage operations
Real-time reporting on tasks
Assign tasks from anywhere
Track when and who completed the work
Automated repeatable checklists
Add photos/comments to task completion
Daily/weekly summary reports
Get alerts for critical issues
Daily, fortnighty, monthtly checklists
Location & role based checklists
Time stamp task completion
Compare Teams and Locations progress
iPad Kiosk, Native iOS & Android mobile App
Recurring and one off tasks
Compare Live, Weekly, Yearly progress
View history of tasks
Manage multiple locations
Free support
Game Play and Team Leaderboard

Trusted by businesses across the globe

StakOne helped me to keep on top of jobs and contributed to our Health Inspection pass.
- Blake, Subway Franchisee

Key Benefits
  Increase staff productivity & efficiency
  Reduce operation costs
  Higher staff retention
  Lower training costs
  Better customer service
  Highly trained staff
  Improve work culture
  Better quality audits

How does it work?

Setup recurring or one off tasks from web dashboard
The in store iPad or mobile app component to perform tasks
The mobile app for quick access to store progress.

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